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Philippe Baudelocque -

Philippe Baudelocque - "A step aside towards the center"

Invited to unpack his bags at the Drawing House, the artist Philippe Baudelocque creates an immersive and multifaceted in situ work on all the walls of the Drawing Hall.

“A Step Aside Towards the Center“ is the synthesis of the artist’s past and current research. The white line connects points on the black walls of the exhibition space, forming constellations that take shape. Whether pareidolia or symbol, each drawing is a mental projection of the artist into his preferred subjects: the place of humans on Earth and in the Universe, extraterrestrial life, the interaction between different realms, and knowledge.

In parallel to his studio work, the artist is invited around the world to make the intangible visible. Space is at the heart of his approach; a new poetry and a new challenge emerge from each place. At the Drawing House, Philippe Baudelocque invites people to take the time to contemplate, admire, and reconnect with nature. In doing so, each person can find their center, their inner self, the one that allows us all to live in harmony and symbiosis with our surroundings.

The total work “A Step Aside Towards the Center“ is an unprecedented and evolving installation. Throughout the year, the artist continues his research and enhances his work as he makes new discoveries.

There are more worlds than the one we hold in our hand.

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