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DRAWING ACTION! is a series of screenings in Studio 1 of the Drawing House. This multidisciplinary space, once transformed into a movie theater, presents animated works by contemporary artists around a common theme. While not yet a major part of the Drawing Society's drawing events, Studio 1 demonstrates that drawing is also a digital and animation medium.

The works presented :

my carcass body / breaks, breaks, breaks, breaks / My sugar cane body, / arrow, arrow, arrow, arrow / my banana body is in tears, / tears, tears, tears / my black skin body, / at sunset, / can no longer find sleep / my body poison plantation / my body poison plantation / my body plantation / demands ransom / rain is no longer rain / rain drops needles / rain is no longer rain / rain drops needles / pesticide rain / infanticide rain / my father lived by the river / The river was at the border / of the banana field for panam / red banana powder / under the Tropics of cancer (. ..)

HD video, color, sound length: 7'37''
Purchased in 2020 (inv. no.: EXCEPT-FNAC 2020-0653)

Harmony, 2018
3D video animation, color, sound, duration: 20'37'' Purchased in 2018 (inv. number: FNAC 2019-0060)

Shadow Procession, 1999
Video, 35 mm animation film projected on screen. DVD Duration: 8' Purchased in 2001 (inv. number: FNAC 01-394)

Hayoun KWON
Lack of evidence, 2011
HD video, color and black & white, sound, length: 9'20" Purchased in 2016 (inv. no.: FNAC 2016-0393)

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